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FY13 Economic Benefits Statement

The work of MLAC-funded legal aid programs substantially boosts the Commonwealth’s economy each year by bringing in millions of federal dollars, improving the economic condition of low-income clients and other residents and saving the state millions in costly social services. In fiscal year 2013, new revenue for legal aid clients and cost savings to the Commonwealth from legal aid work totaled an estimated $28 million, of which $11 million was in the form of new federal revenue. The statement is available below:

MLAC Fact Book

The Fact Book summarizes data provided by MLAC-funded programs at the end of each fiscal year and provides great insight into program operations.

Opportunity Mapping Report

"The Geography of Opportunity: Building Communities of Opportunity in Massachusetts," was released in January 2009. The research was conducted by the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University on behalf of Massachusetts legal aid programs. The report presents compelling maps and demographic analyses that detail racial isolation in the Commonwealth's low "opportunity" communities.